Erik Hayser is known for an array of high-profile films and tv series that have positioned him as one of the best actors of our time. For more than 15 years, he has ventured into different characters that have turned him into a chameleon and deep actor. These qualities have led him to be recognized in the acting industry at national and international level. The discipline and dedication he gives on each of his projects have taken his career to a higher level, producing pieces that go beyond entertainment and leaves his audience with a nourishing message. He has been spokesman for social and advertising campaigns that have positioned him as a committed actor that communicates through his work, so honesty and professionalism are values that Erik considers essential to convey to his followers.
* Año, Proyecto, Personaje, Director, Productor
 TELEVISION 2015 "Caminos de Guanajuato", Gilberto Coronel, W. Doenher, TV Azteca. 2014 "Los Miserables", Comandante Ponce, Carlos Villegas, Telemundo. 2013 "Camelia la Texana", Emilio Varela, Carlos Bolado, Telemundo. 2012 "Dulce Amargo", Nicolás, Olegario Barrrera, Televen. 2011 "El 8vo Mandamiento", Diego, José Luis García Agraz, Argos TV. 2010 "Las Aparicio", Alejandro, Moisés O. Urquídi, Argos TV. 2009 "Capadoccia II", Andrés, Javier Patrón, HBO. 2008 "Alma Legal", Flavio, Emmanuel Duprez, TV Azteca. 2007 "Mientras Haya Vida", Daniel, Moisés O. Urquídi, Argos TV, TV Azteca.
 THEATRE 2016 "Wake Up Woman", Federico, Jorge Acebo. 2015 "24 Hour Play", Actor, Teatro Milán. 2015 "La Dalia Negra", Teniente Harry Murphy, A. Ballina, Ortíz de Pinedo. 2007 / 2009 "El Hombre Perfecto", Jim Boerlin, ARTEPOST. 2007 /2008 "Encuentros", Ragnar Conde, ARTEPOST. 2002 "Departamento de Solteros", Luis Frías, FRIFER.
 FILM 2016 "Túnel 19", Jorge Ashby, Pitipol Ibarra. 2011 "Sin Retorno", Chespi, Guillermo Iván, ARTEPOST. 2001 "Deadly Swarm", Soldier 1, Jefferson Richard.
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